Barstool’s Dave Portnoy Goes to War vs Offshore Sportsbooks

By Carl Zee

April 10th, 2019 - 12:46pm

The fight against offshore sportsbooks has a new ally: Barstool and Dave Portnoy.

All offshore sportsbooks are illegal, but the lack of sportsbooks across the US means that they have a constant stream of users. However, an incident during the NCAA basketball National Championship on Monday is causing to go up in flames after chirping at Barstool’s El Presidente.

A Large Offshore Mistake

Barstool has become somewhat famous for not shying away from the new era of sports betting. The sports site and their self-proclaimed pizza connoisseur leader spent a large amount of March Madness in the FanDuel Sportsbook at Meadowlands Park in New Jersey.

But Portnoy attended the Final Four in Minnesota, where sports betting isn’t legal. It was there that he discovered there’s virtually no way past the geofencing that New Jersey sportsbooks put around the rest of the country. He told everyone exactly what he was trying to do, but had no way to do so from Minnesota:

”El Presidente” claims he didn’t see MyBookie reply to this. In deleted tweets (that were screen-grabbed and posted by Barstool), the head oddsmaker of MyBookie @AnonymousGamblr tweeted Portnoy they would place that bet for him if Portnoy sent him $250,000 in Bitcoin.

That might have been the end of it if @AnonymousGamblr had left it right there. They didn’t, tagging Portnoy multiple times, calling him a fraud, “Foolpresidente” and “Toolpresidente.”

Portnoy responded to the now-deleted tweet just before 11:30 on Tuesday morning.

It was all downhill from there for MyBookie. Portnoy has over 850,000 followers on twitter, many of which had horror stories of MyBookie they wanted to share, and Portnoy was only too happy to retweet them. For the rest of Tuesday, Portnoy was retweeting issues that people have been having with MyBookie.

Portnoy went all in that afternoon with an video on twitter, calling out MyBookie. Refreshingly, he also recognized multiple times that MyBookie is illegal in the US, something that many media outlets fail to recognize when referencing offshore sportsbooks. (Languange NSFW)

The blog post he referenced doesn’t include a whole lot. But it does include this gem of a quote that should be very worrying for anyone using offshore sportsbooks:

”Not to mention the fact they are an illegal sportsbook and as sports gambling is becoming legal in the States they can be shut down at any moment and customers will lose all their money. So any deposit even if they weren’t scumbags would be at risk of seizure.”

Since Barstool joined the fight, things haven’t been going well for MyBookie. A massive number of people have started closing their accounts. Additionally, Pat McAfee almost immediately suspended his partnership with MyBookie.

The Fight Against Offshore Sites

The stories that have been shared by Portnoy are common among people trying bet with offshore bookmakers, and highlights the need for legalized sports betting across the nation. The markets exist and betting will be happening regardless of legality.

The problem with offshore sites is the fact that they’re illegal. Trying to publicly bring forward issues one is having with them leaves users open to legal action by the government. Larger offshore sites like Bovada and have thousands, if not millions, of similar stories to those being shared about MyBookie.

The state of New Jersey is actively fighting these sportsbooks and sites that promote these sportsbooks. Notably, they dropped the hammer on Oddsshark for partnering with illegal sportsbooks, banning their IP in the state and barring legal NJ books from associating with the site.

Moves like this have gone largely under the radar so far, but Portnoy brought the fight into the spotlight for the first time. It’s a conversation that very much needed to happen, and hopefully will open the eyes of the public and politicians to the fact that sports betting is occurring, legal or illegal.

It’s now on other media sites to start recognizing the danger of referencing these offshore sportsbooks or sites that partner with offshore books. While those unfamiliar with the world of betting can be forgiven, it’s time for gambling-friendly outlets like SB Nation to stop regularly referencing these sites.
Written By
Carl Zee

Carl Zee, an alumnus of the University of South Florida, has a background in sports reporting and broadcasting.

Carl is an avid soccer and college football fan, closely following his alma mater and his local professional soccer clubs.

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Carl Zee, an alumnus of the University of South Florida, has a background in sports reporting and broadcasting.

Carl is an avid soccer and college football fan, closely following his...

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