Connecticut Lawmakers Introduce Sports Betting Legislation

By Joe Nocco

January 24th, 2019 - 3:42pm

Connecticut remains the home of a pair of prominent casinos in the Foxwoods Resort Casino and Mohegan Sun while the seldom talked about state also finds itself within close enough proximity to the always popular Atlantic City. However, the State of Connecticut is now looking to allow bettors to place wagers on sports in addition to blackjack and roulette.

With the Connecticut General assembly once again exploring the legalization of sports gambling, state lawmakers have finally introduced another sports wagering bill for 2019. Following more than a year of back-and-forth deliberations through legislation, Connecticut continues to have strong support and a significant backing for the legalization of sports betting even though such efforts have repeatedly been halted due to a variety of complicated issues – with one key issue at the forefront.

Several Steps to be Taken

S.B. No. 17, a brand new piece of state-wide legislation, has indeed confirmed the notion that Connecticut is looking to join the likes of Rhode Island, New York, New Jersey – where the aforementioned Atlantic City is located – and Pennsylvania, that have all agreed to take wagers on sports. However, what could become the second state in New England to legalize sports betting still remains a few steps away.

Although Rhode Island previously became the first New England-based state to accept sports betting laws, Connecticut was notably the region’s first state to legalize the operation of casinos. As a result, the state has always been viewed as more progressive than not in terms of making a call on matters of this nature.

Ironically enough, it seems as though the presence of casinos have actually managed to circuitously prevent sports betting from getting the green light in Connecticut. The state government already has a highly profitable agreement with the Native American tribes that own the casinos – and the land that they are built upon – but the two sides have yet to come to terms on a deal that would evolve this ongoing process. The hiccup remains that the state and Native American tribes do not want to have the addition of sports wagering affect this seemingly cohesive relationship going forward.

Governor Support

With that being said, Connecticut recently elected a new governor, Ned Lamont has openly supported the re-negotiation process in regards to the legalization of sports gambling within the confines of the state. Even before Lamont made his way to the top of the state’s political hierarchy, Connecticut almost saw a deal come into fruition under the direction of former governor, Dannel Malloy.

It is also worth noting that with the state’s latest piece of sports gambling-related legislation being delivered on January 11, 2019, the two-page-long document does not specifically present any concrete proposals to eventually legalize sports betting. Rather, its most pertinent piece of information lies with its dozen sponsors, who not only represent both major political parties, but also openly express their support for what some deem to be an incredibly controversial matter.

Nonetheless, with the proposed S.B. 17 bill officially being introduced in the Connecticut General Assembly earlier this year, the state has taken yet another step in the right direction while the legalization of sports betting could perhaps be right around the corner for “The Constitution State.”
Written By
Joe Nocco

Joe Nocco writes about gambling news for TopUsBets. His background is primarily sports-related and he’s one of the more balanced reporters in the betting business in terms of experience.

He’s also a regular contributor to Clutch Points and has covered... Read More

Joe Nocco writes about gambling news for TopUsBets. His background is primarily sports-related and he’s one of the more balanced reporters in the betting business in terms of experience....

Read More