LPGA Partners with Genius Sports for Integrity Program


By Kelsey McCarson

June 20th, 2019 - 11:00am

The Ladies Professional Golf Association (LPGA) forged a relationship with Genius Sports last week for organizational integrity program services in anticipation of what will likely be a huge increase of LPGA betting markets and bettors. The LPGA’s partnership with Genius Sports includes a comprehensive program featuring sports-betting related monitoring systems and educational resources.

"Sports betting is certainly coming and we’ll have to get our hands around it, so we are very excited to establish an integrity strategy in partnership with Genius Sports," LPGA Commissioner Mike Whan said.

Supports Both LPGA Tour and Symetra Tour

The LPGA is the premier organization for elite female professional golfers. Headquartered in Daytona Beach, Florida, its operations include the LPGA Tour, a series of top-flight weekly tournaments, and the Symetra Tour, which is LPGA’s developmental program.

"In this partnership, we will educate our players, protect our sport, and ensure our competition is guarded against any corrupting influences,” Whan said. “Sports betting may bring another wave of worldwide sports fans to the LPGA, but it will require us to be protected and supported by experts like Genius."

LPGA Expects Continued Growth in Popularity

The men’s PGA Tour is already an extremely popular betting option; numerous markets are offered surrounding the many PGA tournament and events. Major events, such the Masters and U.S. Open, are stalwart betting weekends for both bookmakers and bettors across the globe.

Likewise, other women’s sports, such as the WNBA and the U.S. Women's National Soccer Team, have also become increasingly popular among bettors. It stands to reason that the LPGA would also increase in popularity with the same group, especially after the U.S. Supreme Court overturned PAPSA last year which lead to many states opening their doors to the big business of sports betting.

Reduces Risks Associated with Sports Gambling

The partnership between the LPGA and Genius Sports is to ensure that all LPGA tournaments, events and athletes are safeguarded from potential threats and outside influences inherent to the world of sports gambling.

The program will include regular reports, analysis and betting data from all competitions sponsored by the LPGA Tour and Symetra Tour. These processes and reports will highlight potentially suspicious trends and patterns across domestic and international betting markets, with the aim of helping the LPGA maintain the integrity of its product as sports betting markets continue to grow across the country.

"With the growing focus on why sports integrity matters, the LPGA Tour has taken proactive steps to effectively safeguard its tournaments, members and reputation,” said Ben Paterson, Integrity Operations Director at Genius Sports.

Provides Education to Players, Caddies and Officials

Genius Sports will also assist the LPGA with educational resources and programs for its players, caddies and officials regarding sports betting topics. These workshops and procedures, first shared last week in Grand Rapids, Michigan, for LPGA players competing in the Meijer Classic, are designed to help implement knowledge, awareness and associated reporting procedures regarding the identification and elimination of gambling-related corruption.

Genius Sports has also made available to all LPGA Tour and Symetra Tour players its library of custom online learning modules. The company already had existing partnerships with the PGA and English Premier League, so many existing applicable sports gambling-related materials within Genius Sports can be leveraged for LPGA use.

Genius Sports also serves as an integrity partner to golf’s European Tour and Euroleague basketball, among others.

“We are proud to be appointed as their official integrity partner and look forward to working with them to implement market-leading systems and measures that will provide long-term protection and visibility," Paterson said.

Written By
Kelsey McCarson

Kelsey McCarson is a veteran sports journalist who covers boxing and MMA. He also covers boxing for Bleacher Report, TheSweetScience.com and NYFights.com, and his work has appeared in USA Today, CNN and Fox Sports.

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Kelsey McCarson is a veteran sports journalist who covers boxing and MMA. He also covers boxing for Bleacher Report, TheSweetScience.com and NYFights.com, and his work has appeared in USA Today, CNN and Fox Sports.


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