Nevada Betting Revenue Passes New Jersey Numbers in June

By Carl Zee

July 31st, 2019 - 10:19am

The Nevada Gaming Control Board released its June revenue report, and Nevada is back on top of the American gambling scene.

Overall casino revenue was up 11.57% from the previous month, with the state’s sports betting handle increasing roughly $30 million. By contrast, New Jersey reported its sports betting handle fell roughly $45 million, eliminating the Garden State’s narrow lead in betting handle.

Nevada Betting Revenue Specifics

Predictably, baseball saw the most betting for June, with $208.7 million bet on the sport. With the MLB in the middle of its season, it’s not surprising.

Football betting ended up losing casinos $637,000 for the month, which is better than the $2.4 million lost in the month of May. It was the only category across all betting that lost money in Nevada.

The "Other" category saw the second-largest handle and casino win, at $60 million and $4.6 million, respectively. The report does not break down that category by sport but one can infer that the $60 million wagered was bolstered by the three major soccer tournaments that ran through the month.

Nevada Was Never Going To Remain Second

It’s no secret that Las Vegas and Nevada as a whole is the gambling capital of the Unites States. As a whole, there’s less competition out west, in stark contrast to New Jersey. New Mexico is getting going in sports betting, but it’s unlikely to take significant money from Nevada.

On the other hand, the Northeast is quickly becoming saturated with casinos and sportsbooks, both online and in-person. Pennsylvania, New York, and Massachusetts are all seeing casinos crop up to keep gambling residents at home.

Because of that, New Jersey’s stay at the top of the U.S. gambling market was never going to last. As more states continue to legalize and implement various gambling laws, New Jersey’s pull will wane somewhat, especially as gambling becomes more widespread in New York.

Nevada’s neighbors are moving at a much slower pace, comparatively. The Silver State remain the king of gambling in the west, even as states like Oregon move toward full-scale sports betting.

Also Utah will likely never legalize gambling in general, so Nevada will probably never lose that market.

June 2019 is simply another example that Nevada will remain the gambling capital of America for the foreseeable future. Despite almost all major leagues being in the midst of offseason, the sports handle rose roughly 8.2%

Nevada Casino Revenue in a Nutshell

In terms of casino game revenue, the biggest earners for Nevada were 1 cent and multi denomination slot machines, generating $286 and $256 million for casinos, respectively. None of the other slot machines made over $45 million.

The third biggest earning game was a bit of a surprise. Baccarat players in Nevada in June had an absolute time of it, as casinos logged $157 million in revenue from baccarat tables. It’s up over $100 million from May, which only saw $54 million in revenue and was out-earned by Twenty One.

In fact, baccarat could almost singlehandedly be attributed to Nevada’s Table, Counter and Card Game Win Amount increasing by $102 million in June as compared to May.
Written By
Carl Zee

Carl Zee, an alumnus of the University of South Florida, has a background in sports reporting and broadcasting.

Carl is an avid soccer and college football fan, closely following his alma mater and his local professional soccer clubs.

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Carl Zee, an alumnus of the University of South Florida, has a background in sports reporting and broadcasting.

Carl is an avid soccer and college football fan, closely following his...

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