PointsBet Enters Partnership With TopGolf in New Jersey


By Joe Nocco

February 25th, 2019 - 3:36pm

PointsBet, an online bookmaker with Australian roots that has since made its way over to New Jersey, has added yet another notable name to its growing list of well-known business partners and ambassadors. After previously bringing former NBA superstar Allen Iverson and former NFL cornerback Darrelle Revis on board as brand ambassadors, PointsBet has now entered into a business partnership with TopGolf.

As a result of such a partnership with PointsBet, which will range between TopGolf’s two New Jersey-based locations, the sports entertainment hub will now add more televisions and screens with sports betting odds on them while each establishment will feature PointsBet logos alongside special gambling offers that will be available solely to TopGolf customers.

“This helps highlight that we are a sports bar, not just a place to hit some golf balls,” said president of TopGolf Media YuChiang Cheng, via Bloomberg.

It is also worth noting that this partnership is only possible due to the newly implemented regulations within New Jersey. The state legalized sports betting midway through last year, and that has allowed online sportsbooks like PointsBet to thrive like never before.

“We believe that the modern American sports consumer now enjoys a fully integrated viewing experience, which brings together retail and mobile, and this is a strategy we will look to duplicate in other jurisdictions,” PointsBet’s United States chief executive officer Johnny Aitken said, via Bloomberg.

PointsBet Differs from Other Systems

However, PointsBet is not like the online sportsbooks that bettors have become accustomed to. Operating under much different parameters, someone who places a wager through PointsBet can win or lose much more money than if they were to place a straight bet through a typical sportsbook.

In this case, if a PointsBet bettor places a wager that wins by one point – which is also being referred to as a unit – that bettor would win 1x the amount at stake and so on and so forth as the points or units increase. On the other end of the spectrum, if a bettor were to lose their bet by 10 units, then 10x the original stake would be withdrawn from the person’s account.

Although different, perhaps PointsBet’s unconventional approach has ultimately brought high-level advocators such as the aforementioned Revis into the mix. It has no doubt drawn the attention bettors, who now expect to beat the odds en route to cashing out massive paydays.

Revis: It's All About Taking Risks

“It just goes back to taking those risks,” Revis said during a recent interview with Sports Illustrated. “You perform well, you take those risks. I took risks in my career, especially at the negotiating table.

In Tampa, I took a six-year, $96 million deal with no guarantees. Those are some of the risks that you might take. Everybody else might not want to be that risky based on them not having the job security.”

Coming as absolutely no surprise, PointsBet’s United States-based success has already stemmed from the fact that former professional athletes like Iverson have agreed to throw their names into ring.

"We were thrilled to get the opportunity to help establish the PointsBet brand in the United States,” said Jess Wheeler, associate creative director and partner of the advertising agency, Fenton Stephens, via Campaign Brief.

"And what a way to do it, by shooting a campaign in New York with Allen 'The Answer' Iverson. These briefs don't come around every day, so we were determined to make the most of it and bring something fresh to a category that sorely needs it."

Once again adding to the brand’s list of backers, TopGolf’s ever-growing popularity will only increase the interest in PointsBet going forward – in New Jersey and perhaps beyond.

Written By
Joe Nocco

Joe Nocco writes about gambling news for TopUsBets. His background is primarily sports-related and he’s one of the more balanced reporters in the betting business in terms of experience.

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Joe Nocco writes about gambling news for TopUsBets. His background is primarily sports-related and he’s one of the more balanced reporters in the betting business in terms of experience....

Read More