Rhode Island Mobile Betting Bill Introduced in State Senate


By Jake Perper

January 29th, 2019 - 11:44am

Rhode Island is about to join the mobile sports betting game.

Last November, the Ocean State became the eighth state to make sports betting legal with The Twin River Casino in Lincoln being the first to launch a sportsbook.

Now, mobile sports betting is in the works with senate President Dominick Ruggerio introducing the bill to allow mobile wagers on sports betting in Rhode Island earlier this month.

Ruggerio Strong Proponent of Mobile Betting Potential

Ruggerio, a democrat told the Associated Press on January 16 that mobile gambling would be convenient and generate more revenue. Per the report, Rhode Island receives 51 percent of sports betting revenue as it stands currently.

The bill that Ruggerio has on the table is one that would allow the creation of an app that allows people to easily access the sportsbook at Twin River from any spot in the state of Rhode Island.

A catch with Ruggerio’s bill is that the accounts for the app would have to created in person and not online at either Twin River or the Tiverton Casino so the casino staff can authenticate the betters age.

Ruggerio said in a press release:

“The new, in-person sportsbook that opened in November has been very popular, with lines stretching out the doors. It is an entertainment option that many Rhode Islanders enjoy, and visitors from outside the state are also flocking to our gaming facilities to place their wagers on sporting events.
“Expanding to mobile gaming would provide a convenient option for those wishing to enjoy this form of entertainment and open up the economic benefits beyond the walls of Twin River. I can envision a group of friends from out-of-state spending an evening out in a local establishment where they can both watch the game and place a wager.”

In the full bill that was released, Ruggerio has stated that sports wagering is defined as the “the business of accepting wagers on sporting events or a combination of sporting events, or on the individual performance statistics of athletes in a sporting event or combination of sporting events, by any system or method of wagering. The term includes, but is not limited to, exchange wagering, parlays, over-under, moneyline, pools, and straight bets, and the term includes the placement of such bets and wagers.”

Security Diligence Paramount to Passage

In terms of the in-person verification of identification in order to sign up for an mobile betting account, there are other states that do the same including New Jersey and Nevada. Wagers from outside Rhode Island in the system will not be accepted hence the verification process.

“The legislation would enable the creation of an app consumers could use to access the sports gaming offerings at Twin River from anyplace within the parameters of the state of Rhode Island,” Ruggerio told the Providence Journal.

With an estimated 97 percent of bets being made currently illegally, Ruggerio’s arguments is much like many others which allows a legal system where everyone thrives.

The casinos will be getting more action then the just the typical slots and card games while the online app will draw attention and many customers that can bet through the sportsbook.

Rhode Island is moving quickly and this is one of many states that is looking to do accomplish the simple thing of making safe, legal and regulate sports bets on the mobile platform. The economic impact is yet to be determined but the possibilities are endless from Ruggerio’s mindset and many others in the state.

Written By
Jake Perper

Jake Perper covers gambling news for TopUSBets.com. He has been a sports writer for a decade, covering every level of sports.

He’s currently the lead scout for Prep Hoops Florida based out of Tampa, Florida and has covered the Chicago Bears for the... Read More

Jake Perper covers gambling news for TopUSBets.com. He has been a sports writer for a decade, covering every level of sports.

He’s currently the lead scout for Prep Hoops Florida...

.. Read More