STATS, Perform Merge To Form Global AI Sports Data Platform

By Dave Golokhov

July 18th, 2019 - 8:30am

STATS and Perform announced that they have completed regulatory and closing requirements to officially merge into what will be one of the world’s premier artificial intelligence and sports data companies. Operating under the name Stats Perform, they’ll now provide some of the most advanced sports data to their global partners.

STATS Acquires Perform

The acquisition was agreed upon in April but the final details had to be ironed out before the merger was announced on July 15.

If Perform is not a name you’re quite familiar with, you might recognize the online streaming business DAZN, which spun off from Perform as a separate entity. Perform also provides a series of data-related services for companies in the betting and sports media sector.

The services provided by STATS and Perform are similar to that of Sportradar, a company that more people might be familiar with. Sportradar has been considered perhaps the gold standard in the industry, and has official partnerships with the NFL, NHL, NASCAR, and the International Tennis Federation.

Now STATS and Perform will merge to form their own behemoth in the sports data realm, called Stats Perform.

Stats Perform Already Has Powerful Reach

In terms of who’ll be using Stats Perform and where their data will go, you can assume that it’s pretty much everywhere.

Four of the five most popular sports broadcast companies use Stats Perform as well as seven of the top 10 global tech companies. In the sports betting realm, each of the Top 10 sportsbooks in the world use their data.

Overall, they have reached over 1,800 different customers (companies who use their services) and more than 3 billion fans per year. They operate across 25 countries, employing over 40 artificial intelligence scientists and 100 engineers.

Sometimes general managers of major sports teams or other old school veterans scoff at data and analytics. But companies like Stats Perform are the future. Any team that decides to avoid them – or other services that offer similar data – are likely going to get left behind.

Stats Perform’s Mission of Cutting-Edge Data

Using artificial intelligence and numerous other high-tech tools, Stats Perform will collect more than 30 million different types of unique data points in the realm of sports. They can use the tools to monitor patterns and make predictive models for what could happen in the future.

That data is used for everything ranging from post-game box scores to live in-play gamecasts and everything in between. They’re an important tool for sportsbooks as the online gambling sectors needs very reliable data to set lines, grade bets and create new props.

In the future, a company like Stats Perform could possibly handle opening more accurate lines than human oddsmakers and do a better job of adjusting the lines as the action comes in.

As sports betting becomes more readily accepted, and the more data companies like Stats Perform can provide, the more sportsbooks will be able to offer customers. In the end, that means an even better sports betting experience for the customer.
Written By
Dave Golokhov

Veteran journalist and writer Dave Golokhov, whose work has appeared in publications and websites ranging from AskMen to FOXSports, covers sports betting news for

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Veteran journalist and writer Dave Golokhov, whose work has appeared in publications and websites ranging from AskMen to FOXSports, covers sports betting news for


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